Scott Zehner

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Massillon Cable TV Commercial

As part of a new advertising strategy by MCTV, a select few of their customers were asked to team up with MCTV to produce a series of broadcast commercials, advertising both MCTV and the partnered business. This production was a win-win for both companies and I was needed to ensure that the execution of the project went well.

To be honest, I had an easy job. It’s just not at all difficult to make house pets look cute on camera. That’s not to say the project didn’t require professionalism however. In fact, a few shots you’ll see were actually shot some time prior to the script even being written, and on a low-end DSLR camera no less. My job was to sift through the archive footage, and tackle the challenge of mixing in the new footage while maintaining continuity. I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

I wasn’t alone on this production however. In fact, most media productions involve working with a variety of people, including freelancers, advertising agencies, and actors, just to name a few. You certainly won’t get very far in this industry if you burn your bridges.