Scott Zehner

Websites, Live-streaming, Video production, and more.

Web App Development

Chorus Call’s webcasting platform, known as “The Media Frame”, has been overdue for a comprehensive overhaul for quite some time. Pictured above is an example of the new Media Frame, largely developed by me. This overhaul includes extensive updates aimed at improving its capabilities, the end-user experience, and future sustainability. Webcast audiences can number into the tens of thousands, so many key factors were considered here such as global up-time, multi-language support, streaming infrastructure improvements and technical flexibility, as well as others.

The strengths of Chorus Call’s platform are being maintained and improved upon here. Our customers want their webcast to represent the best of who they are. In keeping with our white glove approach to customer service, a myriad of features are available, including audience analytics, support for various streaming media formats, closed captioning, chat, live-polling, and others.

In light of this, I’ve learned to be very methodical about the code I write. Identifying problems with the current platform, gathering feedback often, and exercising foresight are essential. After all, as the quote goes, “Good design is invisible. Bad design is everywhere.”

For reference, see the old version of the Media Frame (1.0) (Currently being phased out of production).